How to Get a Guyana Tourist Visa in 2024

Guyana, the least visited country in the Americas in 2023, poses unique challenges for tourists due to poorly documented and inconsistent visa processes. This guide navigates the confusing landscape of obtaining a Guyana tourist visa, whether online or at embassies. Learn about exemptions, application steps, and the specific process at the Paramaribo embassy. Be prepared for long waits and potential travel to embassies, but this guide aims to streamline your experience.

Migrating from Polarsteps to FindPenguins

Ensuring your safety on the road extends beyond physical precautions to managing your digital footprint. We explore the risks of sharing your exact location with apps like Polarsteps and offer safer alternatives like Find Penguins, which provides over 50 customizable privacy settings. Discover how to balance sharing your journey with maintaining your security, using practical examples and tips from our own travels through the Americas. Learn about the importance of digital hygiene and how to migrate your travel data securely from Polarsteps to Find Penguins.

Truck Campers vs. Camper Vans: Perspectives Outside of North America

Explore the differences between truck campers and camper vans for overlanding in South America. Our comprehensive guide goes beyond U.S.-centric views, considering factors like chassis choice, fuel availability, road conditions, livability, and serviceability in South America's diverse landscapes. Learn why truck campers may offer a versatile and cost-effective solution for tackling the region's rugged terrain, unpredictable fuel quality, and challenging road conditions.